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Consultant Listing Submission Guidelines

First, we have a few questions for you:

Does your site have something about consulting or consulting services?

Yes - No - - What is consulting?

Is your site in English?

Yes - No - - What is English?

Is your site an afiliate site or have many affiliate links?

Yes - No - - What is affiliate?

Note: If you submit an affiliate link or site, your IP address WILL be banned from our server!

Is your site about gambling, drugs, or adult topics?

Yes - No - - What is adult?

Do you understand that we don't ask for money or even take your email address and expect you to submit a good listing on the topic of Consulting?

Yes - No - - What is consulting?

Will you do your best to submit a listing that looks like this example?

           Title: Raycore Company - Fishbinding Consulting - Elmira, NY
Description: Provides only organic fish binders, wader analysis, and scale recycling.
  Keywords: fish binding fishbinding waders scale recycling bait line hook sinker worms

Yes - No - - What is example?

[[[[[[ If you use a title that is just keywords: IT WILL BE DELETED! Use the company name. ]]]]]]

[[[[[[ Capitalize every word in the TITLE ONLY! ]]]]]]

[[[[[[ If you spam us and submit junk, we WILL notify your clients why they are not listed! ]]]]]]

Submission Guidelines

» Your site MUST be about consultants, experts, and consulting companies.

» Titles should be the name of your site or your company. NOT keywords or a description.

» Descriptions should be a description of your business. Marketing hype may trigger deletion.

» Keywords should be separated with SPACES.

» Your submission must be in ENGLISH! WE CAN ONLY READ ENGLISH!

» Include your city and state in your listing title. If not in USA, please include your country.

» DO NOT Capitalize the first letter of every word, except in the title.

» All listings are reviewed and subject to our editing. Following these instructions means less work for us and a better listing for you.

» Stuffing keywords, titles and descriptions that are only keywords WILL BE DELETED!

Submit the web data:
Title (5-100 characters)
Description (50-200 characters)
Keywords (20-200 characters space separated)