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Offers innovative cleaning systems for use by home owners, professional house cleaner, and the disabled. Extension adaptors, terry towels, microfiber pads. and cleaning heads for many applications
Offers publications and consulting and conducts privately sponsored seminars for equipment manufacturers, suppliers and industry trade associations
Consulting services to energy, electricity, gas, utility industry, environmental sector, and project feasibility
Suppliers of essential oils, carrier oils, natural skin-care products, raw materials, perfumes and fragrances for the professional user in Australia.
Consists of environmental engineers providing products and services in the field of water filtration, water treatment, wastewater treatment, waste management, and air purification
Offers an organically based, fully automated misting system designed to kill mosquitos and other biting insect pests. Offers business franchises for the service/products
Develops solar thermal systems for the production of fresh water, increase salt production at solar salt works and developed a system for the evapoartion of waste water.
Centre for multi-disciplinary research, developing technologies for sustainable, cost effective assessment & remediation of contaminated environments, promoting their transfer to industry
Provides pay-for-performance UST cleanups. Contracts directly with UST Fund. PFP removes RP from financial chain during cleanup.
Global supplier of air pollution control products, environmental consulting services, and technical services. Specializing in catalyst products including diesel catalyst, VOC catalyst, soot filters.
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