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Scientific consulting and software development and includes many other areas of interest
Monographs, books, textbooks and software for scientists, experts, teachers and students in natural sciences such as mathematics, physics, mechanics, engineering, statistics, computer science, etc.
Leading international expert and executive consultant for optics, optical instruments and equipment, optical microscopy, photofinishing, and photographic equipment
Consultant in organic chemistry; process improvement and troubleshooting; statistical process control/statistical quality control programs; chemical literature searching
Provides ELISPOT analyzers, software and lab services
Chromatography detectors and fluorometers for HPLC, microHPLC, CE, CEC and capillary applications.
Providing Interim Clinical Trial Management for Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Clients
This web page presents the professional profile of Edouard RENY, doctor-engineer in solid state chemistry, his research in Europe and in Japan and his list of publications
Editing & translation service for scientific and medical writing to enable researchers to eloquently and effectively present findings and ideas.
We provide life sciences companies, including agribusiness, nutritional, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, biotechnology and biomedical, with advice and help in most areas of life sciences.
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