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Ambassador Pipe & Supply has been an industry leader in stocking, manufacturing, and fabricating prime quality pipe products.
UK based supplier & Manufacturer of shot blasting and degreasing equipment, including airless tumble blasters, spray washers, dunk tanks and dust extraction systems
Manufacturer of high frequency microwave cable, coaxial cable assemblies, delay lines, and semi-rigid and flexible cables.
Supplies high quality, residential, commercial, and industrial water softeners and water treatment systems to wholesale and retail customers worldwide.
Provides rental power solutions including emergency diesel generators, portable heating and cooling, and compressed air systems to industrial, commercial, and event-related companies worldwide.
In USA, Inc. manufactures and distributes UV-based ozone analyzers, monitors and sensors for ozone gas and liquid phase measurement used in a wide range of applications and markets.
ACCA manufacturers spare parts to fit progressing cavity and centrifugal pumps.
Leading provider of durable, accurate, and easy-to-use temperature measurement systems for temperature profiling in hostile thermal environment, including ovens, furnaces, and kilns.
Massachusettss company that manufactures non-metallic bearings, bushes, guides, extrusions, pulleys, rails, tracks, chain guides, belt guides and other wear components.
Worldwide Supplier of shoe repair machinery, bench machines, and die cutting machine as well as replacement parts and supplies for the shoe industry.
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