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Describes how diesel or gas turbine diesel fuel can be extracted on offshore platform from crude oil rather than importing it from an outside source
A directory/search engine/buyers guide for the engineering industry to enable engineers, technicians, tradesmen, etc. to find information and communicate with suppliers in the engineering industry
Offers geological and hydro-geological work and research. All kinds of hydrological works, researches, and investigations of firm minerals and underground waters.
Investigate and provide remedy for adverse electrical events.
All types of control, automation, drives, plc's, power, as well as major providers; i.e. G.E. Allen-Bradley, Cegelec, ect.
The filter press is a solid liquid separation device using the principle of pressure feeding.
Timmons Design Engineers are a cutting edge Mechanical Electrical Plumbing and Sustainable Design Firm
Hydraulic and aerodynamic calculation of simple and complex branching conduits. Mechanical engineering design and software services.
Manufacturer of quartz crystal oscillators and precision frequency control products.
Provides solutions to all types of sludge in any industry. Diversified equipment enables Onyx to provide the separation and dewatering process based on the specific sludge stream for each customer
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